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SASTM Newsflash - Cholera, diarrhea and dysentry update: Africa and Asia


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Cholera - Nigeria


A cholera outbreak in Rini Village and Bakura town in the Bakura Local Government Area of Zamfara State has claimed 2 lives and left 130 persons hospitalized. Alhaji Dandare Dakko, Vice Chairman of the Local Government, made the disclosure on Thursday [10 Oct 2013] while addressing the families of victims at a camp in Rini Village. Dakko said that the outbreak affected 102 people in Rini Village and 32 students of the Government Science Secondary School, Bakura. The sick were being treated at the Bakura General Hospital. Dakko urged the families of affected people to exercise patience as government was making efforts to assist them.


Doctors from Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) were seen rendering assistance to the victims at Rini Village and Bakura town.


Cholera - Togo


The Ministry of Public Health has reported cases of severe diarrhea and cholera in the south of the country and called on the population to observe the rules of hygiene in a press release published on Fri 11 Oct 2013, according to the national daily Togo-Presse.


"Cases of serious diarrhea and cholera [have been] reported for a few weeks in the health regions of the Maritime, including the capital Lome," it was said in the release. Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Health has called on the population to observe the rules of hygiene in order to "break the chain of infection and prevent the occurrence of new cases."


It drew particular attention to avoiding eating raw foods, boiling or treating any water for consumption with chlorine or bleach, protecting food from dust, flies, and any other insects, and to immediately consult the nearest public health center in cases of diarrhea. The Maritime area is the southern part of Togo and includes the Togolese capital and has the highest human density of the country, which has a population of 6 million inhabitants.


Cholera - China: (Hong Kong SAR)


Another case of cholera has been confirmed by the Centre for Health Protection [CHP]. The case involves a 32-year-old man who has been suffering from diarrhea since 7 Oct 2013. He was admitted to the isolation ward at Princess Margaret Hospital [PMH] for further management on 9 Oct 2013. He is now in a stable condition. The agency investigation revealed that the patient is the son of the 1st confirmed case reported on 9 Oct 2013. He has no recent travel history.  Regarding the 1st confirmed case, a CHP spokesman said that the 54-year-old female patient is still hospitalized in PMH. Her current condition remains stable.


Cholera - Iran


Some 214 cholera infection cases have been registered in Iran, Mohammad Nabavi, an official with the Center for Disease Management of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education said on Wed 9 Oct 2013. Nabavi added that 38 of the patients were Iranian citizens, the Fars news agency reported. He went on to note that 175 Afghans and one Pakistani citizen were also infected with cholera. "6 patients died from the infection," Nabavi said, adding that they were all illegal migrants.


On 25 Sep 2013, Iranian media outlets reported that cholera infection had spread to 10 provinces in Iran. The head of the Center for Disease Management of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, said that the infected persons are illegal migrants from bordering countries to the east [Afghanistan & Pakistan are across the eastern border of Iran, and both countries have had cholera this year (2013).  Gouya added that cases of infection with cholera were registered in the provinces of Sistan-Balujestan and Kerman. According to Iranian media outlets, cholera infection cases in Iran have been being registered for nearly 45 years. In 2012, 15 such cases were registered.


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