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Vital Protection Spray On 100 ml (Minimum order - 6)


Vital Protection is a unique textile impregnation treatment that can offer long lasting protection against a host of biting insects including mosquitoes, midges, bed bugs, sand flies and fleas.

Vital Protection’s active ingredient is permethrin – a totally safe, but highly effective chemistry. It immediately repels insects as their nervous systems detect a threat.

Vital Protection is up to 90% effective in repelling blood feeding and bites, giving the user peace of mind that they can “Adventure Safely”.

Key Advantages:

·         Drastically reduces and prevents health risks associated with insect bites

·         Anti-bacterial

·         Inhibits fabric degradation

·         Durable, long lasting effectiveness

·         Cost effective

·         Environmentally responsible – state of the art effectiveness means you wash it fewer times (saving energy and water) and the garment lasts longer.

·         Vital Protection chemistry is safe and environmentally friendly

·         Proven effectiveness and independent recommendations

·         Ideal for sport and active wear, outdoor gear and home textiles.


Vital Protection is recommended by the South African Society of Travel Medicine.

(Recommended Retail Price - R 113.00 Including VAT)


Price : R 66.00 Including VAT

*Postage fee is excluded from the price.

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