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Privacy Policy

What Is The Membership Privacy Policy?

The SASTM (the Society) privacy policy is structured to ensure that the privacy of its members is protected and to assert that any information that the Society has regarding a member is retained solely for the purpose of conducting Society business.

Membership Registration

To become a member of the Society, applicants may be asked to provide personally identifiable contact information and some basic demographic data about themselves. The personal information submitted on the membership registration forms is only used for four purposes:

1. Contact information for the Society
2. Society administration
3. Summarized demographic profiling
4. Billing for the Society membership fees

Contact Information

Personally identifiable contact information submitted in the membership registration form will be used by the Society to communicate with you. The Society will never sell, share, or divulge your personal information to any other individual or organization, including other Societies, other partners, and sponsors. Some Society events may be held as joint events with other organizations. Registration lists for those events may be shared with the specifically identified organisation, by permission of the registrant only.

Society Administration

Personally identifiable contact information will also be used for internal administration where access to the information will be limited to the Society Board members and by specific approval of the Board.

Demographic Profiling

Demographic data collected from membership registration forms and membership surveys will only be used in summarised form for statistical and marketing purposes so that individual privacy is always protected.

Control of Personal Information

Your Personal E-mail Address

The e-mail address that you provide may be used by the Society to communicate with you. Your e-mail address will only be used to send information to you regarding Society news, activities, conferences, seminars, events, or related business to the same. We will not sell, rent, or share your e-mail address with anyone including other Societies, other partners, and sponsors. The Society accepts no responsibility, expressed or implied, if you share your e-mail address by sending messages, via any means at any time, to members other than Society Board members.

Web Site Access Logs

Web site usage logs may occasionally be recorded or monitored to assist the Society in improving its services to the membership. The Society will not specifically record which pages an individual member visits but usage of different sections of the Web site may be monitored collectively for statistical and or marketing purposes.

Society Members Remain In Control Of Their Personal Information

As a member of the Society, you have the right to:

1. Review any of your submitted personal information maintained by the Society
2. Modify your personal information at any time
3. Request that your personal information be deleted from the Society’s records

You can request the Society to delete and discontinue the use of your personal information and all information that you have submitted by sending an e-mail message to: admin@sastm.org.za.

Concerns About The Security Of Your Personal Information

If you have any concerns about the security of your personal information, would like more details about how the Society has physically secured your personal information, or you have questions about the Membership Privacy Policy, please contact our Administration department at: admin@sastm.org.za.