DATES: 08 – 12 MAY 2024



Southern Sun Hotel Rosebank, Johannesburg

Corner Tyrwitt & Sturdee Ave, Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa


  • Standard Registration: ZAR 11 200. incl. VAT
  • Standard Registration including Halaal: ZAR 12 750. incl. VAT
  • Standard Registration including Kosher: ZAR 12 750. incl. VAT


A CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE IN TRAVEL MEDICINE will be issued by the University of the Witwatersrand to each student on successful completion of the course.

Successful completion of the Travel Medicine Course is required by the Department of Health for the issuing of a YELLOW FEVER LICENCE. Details on how to obtain your licence will be provided to you on the course.

Registration Form:

SASTM 2024 Travel Medicine Course Registration FORM, click the link below to register for the TMC 2024:

Important Information:

Admission Requirements:

The following requirements are applicable for admission on the Travel Medicine Course: (If these criteria are not met, you application will not be successful).

Target group: The course is aimed at licensed health care practitioners who are already involved in travel medicine or who intend to set up practice in travel health care.

Minimum operational requirements: Please refer to Starting a Clinic on the Menu for the minimum operational requirements for establishing a Travel Medicine Clinic.

Other requirements:

SASTM has the following requirements for the operation of Travel Medicine Clinics and these requirements are applicable for admission to the course:

Individuals who practice travel medicine should be licensed health-care practitioners (e.g. a registered nurse and a medical practitioner working collaboratively) with a background in family practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, public health or infectious diseases. 

A medical practitioner, suitably qualified in travel medicine and who has a yellow fever license, must be in overall charge of a Travel Medicine Clinic.  The overseeing medical practitioner must give proof of attending a Travel Medicine Course, Refresher Course, Congress or Update meeting pertaining to the discipline of Travel Medicine in the past five years.

The medical practitioner will assume medico-legal responsibility for and oversee the entire operation of the Travel Medicine Clinic.  

The knowledge base is broad, and it is for this reason that a Travel Medicine Clinic must be supervised by a health-care professional as indicated above. The core knowledge includes a basic knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Geography
  • Global distribution, epidemiology, mode of transmission, prevention and, if appropriate, self-treatment of travel-associated infectious diseases.             
  • Immunology and the immune system.                 
  • Indications, contraindications, pharmacology, drug interactions and adverse events of available travel-related drugs and vaccines.           
  • Preventions and management of non-infectious disease risks for travellers.
  • Aside from the skills required to practice as a health care professional, the following skills are mandatory for the travel medicine practitioner:
  • The ability to undertake a basic health assessment.         
  • Evaluation of any underlying health problems.

The assessment of the health of the traveller is an important aspect of the pre-travel consultation. This would often necessitate examination of the traveller, evaluation of underlying or concurrent chronic conditions, general health and providing information to obtain optimal control of chronic illness.

  • Individual risk assessment to determine the traveller’s health risks.
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Recognition of any travel-related illness 
  • All post-travel consultations should be managed by a medical practitioner        
  • Timely medical assessment for the management of travel-related illness 

CPD Points – This course is a CPD accredited activity: Points TBC

Study Material:

What you will receive when accepted on the Travel Medicine Course:

Your course material will be sent to you via Postnet counter to counter service or can be collected from the SASTM office once you receive confirmation of acceptance on the course and have made payment. 

This will consist of the following: 

  • A Guide to the Practice of Travel Medicine in the South African Context 3rd Edition (Hard copy)
  • WHO International Travel and Health (electronic copy via Jumpshare)
  • Beyond Childhood Vaccination (Hard copy and electronic update via Jumpshare)
  • The Older Traveller (eBook via Jumpshare)
  • Travel Medicine Anthology (Hard copy)
  • Journal articles (electronic via Jumpshare)
  • Healthy Travel for Seniors (Hard copy)
  • Traveller’s Guide – 3rd Edition 2022 (Hard copy)
  • SASTM 2024 Membership Certificate

You will be given access to the SASTM Moodle where speaker’s presentations will be loaded once they have been received. Please take note, they will only be available to students within the week prior to the start of the Course. 

PLEASE make every effort to STUDY the material as soon as you receive it. It is a large volume of work to cover and you will NOT be able to absorb and know it all if you only start at the time of the course. 

Remember that you will be writing an MCQ exam ON ARRIVAL on the first day of the course, which counts towards your total pass mark. This exam as well as the final (last day) exam is compulsory.

Course and Registration Dates:

COURSE DATES: 08 – 12 MAY 2024


Important Information:

Registration: only on-line applications are accepted / No fax applications will be accepted

Procedure following registration:

Once your On-line application has been received, you will receive confirmation that it has been received by the SASTM office.

Your application is then processed and submitted to the University of the Witwatersrand for approval.

Please note: This process can take several weeks.

Once approval has been received from the University of the Witwatersrand, the SASTM office will invoice you electronically.

Once you have made payment and sent confirmation to the SASTM office your Course Material will be couriered to you.

The Course Material is couriered via Postnet, Counter to Counter service. (This is not applicable to applicants outside the borders of South Africa. In this case the Course Material is couriered directly to you).

Places are limited to 100 students.

Course Cost and Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to the important information below regarding registering for the course:

There is a Halaal surcharge of R 1 550 Incl. VAT

There is a Kosher surcharge of R 1 550 Incl. VAT

Please note the venue has a Halaal friendly kitchen and vegetarian meals are served at no extra charge.

The course fee DOES NOT include the cost of your accommodation and flights.

Included in the course fee:

  • SASTM Membership Fee for 2024 – with full membership benefits (please refer to MEMBERSHIP on the SASTM website to view membership benefits)
  • Includes teas and lunches
  • Includes course material

Full payment will be required on notification of acceptance of application to confirm your place on the course.


Cancellation four months prior to course – full refund less 10% administration fee | Cancellation four to two months prior to the course – 50% refund | Cancellation two months and up to start of course – no refund

IAMAT Travel Medicine Scholarship:


Application for the IAMAT-Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship and the

IAMAT-Robert & Haru Fisher Travel Medicine Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in IAMAT’s Travel Medicine Scholarships.

The two scholarships are administered on behalf of IAMAT by the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM).


The scholarships are awarded to a doctor or nurse living and working in an African country (outside of South Africa).

Applicants will be considered for both scholarships.

The IAMAT scholar will be chosen based on the following:

• Knowledge in travel medicine

• Capacity and commitment to expand travel medicine in the workplace and region/country

• Currently see travellers in your practice (inbound or outbound travellers)

• Passionate about learning travel medicine best practices and teaching them to your colleagues and students

• Proven excellent English writing and speaking proficiency

• Preference will be given to candidates under the age of 40 years

Scholarship details

The scholarships include the following components:

1.           SASTM Travel Medicine Course

• The course is delivered through a series of lectures, discussions, and problem-solving sessions. The scholar will receive study materials and is expected to review them thoroughly prior to the course. The scholar must take two exams (before and after the course) and submit a travel medicine project following the course. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Competence will be issued by the University of the Witwatersrand.

• SASTM course information: https://sastm.org.za/tmc-2024-redone/

Dates: May 8 – 12, 2024

2. Clinical observations

• Clinical observations focusing on pre-travel consultations will take place at the Travel Doctor clinic in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

• Travel Doctor website: http://traveldoctor.co.za/

Dates: May 7 and May 13 and 14, 2024 (one day before and two days after the Course)

3.           Mentorship

IAMAT scholars have access to advice from a travel medicine practitioner before and after the scholarship training for a maximum of 2 hours per month from 1 January 2024 until the start of the course and available again after the course until 31 December 2024.

The scholarships include the full tuition, educational materials, and accommodation. The recipient is responsible for transportation to Johannesburg and any additional miscellaneous costs. Upon successful completion of the course, the scholar will be reimbursed for the airfare (economy class).

Application process

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Current certificate of medical or nursing registration

4. Copy of Passport

5. An essay of approximately 500 words explaining the following:

    a. Your interest in travel medicine

    b. How you plan to expand the field of travel medicine in your country or region

    c. How the scholarship can assist you to achieve your professional goals. 

Next steps

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in November for a video conference interview.

The successful candidate will be expected to sign a scholarship contract.